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Preference for purple is a mark of old age – I read that somewhere.  The MM theme this week is no coincidence that my fave color is purple.   I am all bias making this post; I can risk associations with old. We are all getting there anyway.

Don’t even ask me what’s purple among my possessions. You will be bored to purple tears. Oh, and did I say I wanted to turn my dresser into an altar dedicated to purple? 🙂 Serious.

This driver was a darling when I played at Wilding two weeks ago. Purple rules.

It’s not obvious but one hit on this bay reached almost 150, courtesy of the hue.  Perhaps the next shot shows my island holiday paraphernalia in clear purple now –

And this is where I funnel funds for CJ’s speech and psychological therapy sessions, not to mention Mozart’s (my poodle) allowance.  Quite draining.  I am bleeding purple to be honest.  But being an Inatay (Ina + Tatay) is not something one can’t survive.  Add purple to that status and life is perfect!

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