A cousin and her husband and a former gradschool classmate are three people I know who are in Japan right now. It is such relief to know they are ok as I never dared turn on the news. I actually avoided footage of the destruction. But perhaps I could share Amanda’s move of showing a bit of support for Japan by featuring their music today. This first one is classical which I hear all the time in Japanese restaurants. Ah well, at least I’m a fan of Japanese cuisine.

And here’s wishing and hoping the Japanese people would be as happy as this again and be back to normal living soon.

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Today we are playing “Spring Ahead” a tribute to moving your clock ahead an hour thanks to daylight savings time. Have fun and thanks for playing!
1. What time zone do you live in? ICT or Indochina Time
2. Does your time zone change the clocks? No
3. What is the worst part about pushing your clock ahead an hour? Confusion
4. What is the best part about pushing your clock ahead an hour? You are an hour early if you’re not confused
5. What is the best excuse to use when you are not on time to get somewhere thanks to the time change? Clock malfunction
6. Do you think we really need to change our clocks or is this practice not a good one? I’m fine with not changing our clocks
7.Tell us a good story or memory about clocks, time change or anything else. My flight for Dubai departs at 8. At 6.30 I was still in a mall in the middle of Bangkok shopping  for – you guessed it – a watch. Of all coincidences. Like an idiot.
8. Do have any ideas about Monday Mayhem going to an all Viral Video Monday? That will be exciting
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