I stare at the paper wondering whether I should read which protests have erupted; who has married or divorced who, which stocks look promising,
what’s up with inflation or have our soldiers come home?
Global warming, which natural calamity has hit
which unfortunate country…. I better jump
to the puzzle page. Perhaps it would
sweeten my black coffee. I wait
for the call or not at all.
Meanwhile, I’d
rather you –

Call when
table is ready
or the heart beat is steady

Call when
I got the job
or the story is not a sob

Call when
the baby has arrived
or the crash victim has survived

Call when
Mom and Dad are celebrating
their golden anniversary
and everyone is raving
about what a successful relationship
should be

Call when
the dispute is over
and moods are sober

Call when
flowers are blooming
music is playing
birds are singing
and everyone is
peacefully co-existing.

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