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This week’s Music theme taught me something – that I knew the tune, I knew the title, and even used to play them on the piano but didn’t know which movies were they from, except the last three of this selection. Those adults around me when I was a kid, mom and piano teachers – main culprits, must have been so keen that I learned to play the music, period. Seriously it’s only right now after doing some quick research that I learned which is the song and which is the film title. Cool theme suggestion, Rorybore!

These first two are 1970 and 1965 respectively. I’m not familiar with the celebrities in them.

Where Do I Begin, Love Story.  Ali MacGraw, Ryan O’ Neal, Tommy Lee Jones

My introduction to Dr Zhivago was from watching Must Love Dogs.  We use the lyrics ‘somewhere my love there will be songs…‘ to sing the first notes of Lara’s Theme

Lara’s Theme, Dr Zhivago. Omar Shariff, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin

I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the first time in the home of my English professor. I couldn’t get over that grand played in the middle of the forest. Who do we have here? Ah… Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater….

Everything I Do I Do It For You, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

And Geoffrey Rush playing pianist David Helfgott –

Flight of the BumblebeeShine

Finally, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. This video fuels a fancy I’ve been keeping for some time now. Neurotic me is torn between PhD and learning to fly a helicopter, nyahah!

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Armageddon

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