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Anyone (on MMMM) ever loved or dated a playboy? playgirl? This is bonkers, lol…. I mean I have and it was fun.

He and I were mortal enemies in high school, and for twenty-two years neither of us had any knowledge of each other’s whereabouts. But you know how FB is. The seven-hour difference only set off steady spark. Virtual meals together were fantastic. Despite complications we managed to meet and in circumstances familiar to me only in fiction. The airport was surreal, but there we were locked in embrace for an hour right by immigration, ignoring CCTV.

It took fortitude not to miss my flight. Through the whirl of international travel, those beautiful eyes I remember in high school were sparkling at me. He’s dangerously sweet. He’s a bully. He made me feel like I was on top the world. When it was over I felt enough discomfort to ask a doctor friend to fix me a Valium. But instead of sorting out a shot she told me I was a spoiled brat. Don’t I have great friends?

Playboy was a breeze compared to the college sweetheart who was a major and much earlier dent. Torture for a decade. At times the pain was physical. Although functional at work, I was a mess inside. Then out of the blue he rang from the other side of the world to say sorry. I didn’t know if I wanted to thank or kill a cousin he located for my number. Isn’t life full of mind-numbing surprises? You think you’re a goner then you’re back on your feet alive to tell the tale. Anyone who survives a  massive heartbreak should get a trophy.

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