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Qasida is a “poetic form developed in pre-Islamic Arabia and perpetuated throughout Islamic literary history into the present.”

Qasida Burda or Poem of the Mantle is a well-known qasida by Imam al-Busiri in praise of the prophet Muhammad who is “said to have cured his paralysis by appearing to him in a dream and wrapping him in a mantle or scarf. Wikipedia

I found a clip on youtube featuring Qasida Burdah with English subtitles. It implores God to send prayers and peace.

Qasida usually “describes battles, or are written in praise of kings, princes, the poet’s patron.” Over time it has been used for theological, philosophical and ethical  purposes.  Persian variations include descriptions of natural landscapes, seasons or a lady love that may or may not exist.

These are passages from three examples of classical qasida 

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