Bookshop Window

Bookshop Window (Photo credit: garryknight)

On the daydreams department: Inkwood Books, an “indie bookstore in a cozy old Hyde Park bungalow” is for sale. My dream is alive with more than just black and white as I buy the book bungalow in a page-turn.

The rich becomes richer: had the U.S. State Department not withdrawn a $16.5 million contract to provide Kindle Touches for its overseas language education program, that would have been the case with Amazon . The reconsideration now gives all vendors opportunities to respond to the Department’s requirements for mobile learning. Yay to sharing the pie.

A positive state of bookstore affairs: Oblong Books & Music (New York) renovates. Here’s wishing them traffic flow increase. Politics and Prose (Washington, D.C.) changes their store layout. A toast to events that draw larger audiences. Builders Booksource (California) re-sizes to a cozier space. May they have continued relief from high rental costs. Book Rack Bookstore (Massachusetts) has a changeover focusing on aesthetics. Patrons find it fantastic, they report.

I find all this especially good to muse about after singing a bookshop dirge earlier.