Diana Berry’s garden wedding scene in Anne of Avonlea enhanced what I feel about O Promise Me.  About six years ago I searched the song on the web but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m glad it finally exists on youtube nowadays.

The joke I hear is that it’s like listening to a strangled cat. I don’t mind. I like old. I watch opera. And it’s awesome to listen to a piano version other than my own playing at family weddings –

The lyrics are beautiful. I might want this song if I ever get to make another attempt at the altar.

Oh, promise me that someday you and I
Will take our love together to some sky
Where we can be alone and faith renew,
And find the hollows where those flowers grew,
Those first sweet violets of early spring,
Which come in whispers, thrill us both, and sing
Of love unspeakable that is to be;
Oh, promise me! Oh, promise me!

Oh, promise me that you will take my hand,
The most unworthy in this lonely land,
And let me sit beside you in your eyes,
Seeing the vision of our paradise,
Hearing God’s message while the organ rolls
Its mighty music to our very souls,
No love less perfect than a life with thee;
Oh, promise me! Oh, promise me!

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