Medieval justice was a quaint thing ~ Frederick Pollard

I have yet to read what is that about, but the line appeals strongly to the history lover in me.

Quaint has become one of my favorite words since I searched the net for info and pictures of England in preparation for a trip there in 2006. There are several definitions of quaint. These are what I like the most:

  • having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque
  • strange, peculiar or unusual in an interesting, pleasing or amusing way
  • skillfully or cleverly made

If you clicked images for quaint on Google, you will find mostly European cottages and churches in the countryside. As for quaint places in Asia, I’m sharing one that has been hibernating in my archives since I took it two years ago – part of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Shakespeare’s wife’s cottage has to be quaint too.

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