This week’s music theme had me wondering where have all those songs gone. But then that is why they are called one hit wonders.  Thanks to danboe.net  for his VH1’s Top 100 one hit wonders list. Memories came flooding back.

There was this color poster of Spandau Ballet in an aunt’s room where I hid a bowl of mackerel sardines under her bed. Those late night meals, pranks, and listening to True

Today after twenty-four years is my first time back to Electric Avenue. During school breaks, an uncle would send us cousins to a chicken bar-b-cue restaurant for dinner where this song was played all the time on FM radio –

At home, mother, a long-time church board member and strict, conservative christian banned songs she thought lacked virtues and were a bad influence on me. As someone educated from first grade to college by church-run schools, I of course thought differently and secretly enjoyed forbidden Macarena 

Grandma liked waltzes, My Country Tis of Thee and The Star-Spangled Banner. Her first teachers were American soldiers, and she was fond of Abide With Me.

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