Of all graduation events (they are kind of big deal in my side of the pond) I got involved in, college was most delightful and memorable. My class marched to a live orchestra playing Pomp and Circumstance which, being classical, I like making at the same time Elgar as composer one of my fave male artists.

It was also the time when depending on parents for financial support was over, and I was excited, worried and wondering how to go about earning my own keep while nursing a dented heart. One of those graduation gifts I received was a cassette tape (that ancient, yes) from the college sweetheart responsible for a few broken veins in the heart, and somewhere among those songs were two other fave male artists Peabo Bryson and Kenny G  belting out By the time this night is over.

Those difficult years contributed to my growth as an individual and Decorated my life

Fresh off the nest and not keen on the major that the parents prescribed and paid for in college, I would get up for work everyday protesting with an iron-clad fist… I wake up and french kiss the morning…

More stuff and a trip to the other side of the world later I gazed at the Buckingham recalling that rhyme from childhood about visiting the queen. Earlier Bryan May played God Save The Queen on his guitar at the roof of Her Majesty’s residence, another favorite – artist, piece, rendition and venue –

There was a lot of Queen mixed into those ‘Twinkle, twinkle little stars’ back then. Orientation seems like some reason why one loves what they love. I look up thinking there’s more beyond those blue skies.

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