This is stating the obvious. But I love stating it anyway: I love cottages! Jane Austen’s nostalgic portrayal of cottages in her novels is one reason I am fond of her. In Sense and Sensibility (which celebrated its 200th publication anniversary in 2011), these are how cottages were mentioned. 
1. It is but a cottage, but I hope to see many of my friends in it.
2. She preferred going directly to the cottage to being a visitor at Barton Park.
3. There, beneath that farthest hill, which rises with such grandeur, is our cottage.
4. It is so delightful that you live in a cottage!
5. Elinor led her towards home; and till they reached the door of the cottage… was carefully minute in every particular of speech and look.
6. So you are most comfortable settled in your little cottage.
7. They passed some months in great happiness at Dawlish; for she had many relations and old acquaintance to cut – and he drew several plans for magnificent cottages.
8. I am excessively fond of a cottage; there is always so much comfort, so much elegance about them.
9. I advise every body who is going to build, to build a cottage.
10. Every comfort may be as well enjoyed in a cottage as in the most spacious dwelling.
11. I remember how happy, how gay were my spirits as I walked from the cottage to Allenham, satisfied with myself, delighted with everybody!
12. I hear it is a large village, there certainly must be some small cottage close by.
13. A cottage? How snug!
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