Tweak, turn, test, twist.  That’s what a techno ignoramus like me sometimes does to a simple digital camera.

There is consolation at least in the discovery of a variety of shooting modes. One which I find interesting and time-consuming is the text mode described as

appropriate for taking a clear picture of documents

My curiosity clicked on images that have letters or numbers.  On one a song bursts forth. I’d probably be having fun if I were a student sitting this exam –

How often will you get a chance to multi-task like this? Your mind is thumping with the beat of a Bee Gees hit while tackling an analysis. So much for Tchaikovsky.

A caption under this image says, Tragedy questions in the English Tripos examinations, 2001.

Tragedy when you twist and turn and you can’t go text it’s tragedy!…

Ok, that’s no longer any of the Gibbs, but an ABC Wednesday player belting out her own ‘tweaked Tragedy lyrics.’  The exam is Cambridge U, by the way.

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