We are nearing the end of our “flood vacation.” On Sunday to be exact. But trending updates notify some employees to resume work on the 15th. If that’s a government directive for all establishments, I might get to stay put too for another week. Life goes on normally for me and I am truly grateful.

i. Books that Changed the World and 1984. To minimize shipping costs and effort, I promised to stop collecting books until I am back home for good. But I couldn’t resist getting into a book shop when I see one so I ended up buying two more. I’ll worry about packing later. For now I am happy with my loot.

ii. Water for Elephants and From Prada to Nada (on DVD) are a few films I missed. It’s good to find them quickly while shopping, and add them to my video library.

iii. Honey mustard chicken and banana mint smoothie at Piri-Piri. It’s my second time at this restaurant. Pricey, yummy. Do you like Portuguese chicken?

iv. Listening to CJ: I can’t ride it anymore… Mommmyyyy! why did you tie my swivel chair? I replied: why? what did you do in church? Am I not so deaf! Sometimes my life drives me crazy but I’m in love with the moments that make me laugh.

v. Bonus. During routine balance check, I noticed the ATM screen showing something I wasn’t expecting to see. After changes in wages brought about by those student riots, I’ve been lucky to keep my job and wished for nothing more. But a bonus? I better believe it.

Thanks to Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for hosting Friday’s Fave Five.