The very first gifts that I remember I received from my parents were books.  Among the pile was an animal picture book featuring a rhino in a birthday party. That set off my love for reading.  My father later introduced me to The Aeneid which I never understood, but  that’s where my appreciation for literature originated.  He gave me Nancy Drew which later got me engrossed in the Dan Brown genre.

In school the contents of  my bag would always include some reading material.  During a Parent-Teacher Meeting, I overheard my 6th grade teacher tell my mother, “Hazel is a bookworm.”  I understand book but just what is worm?

Valentine 2010. CJ was my date (thus the rose) and I took him to Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon where we discussed some books he’s familiar with. “Mommy, it’s rsula!”

Piano is a slightly different thing.  I was forced to study it at 6 and how I hated it!  To avoid practice sessions I once bathed my Czerny and Hanon with soy sauce.  That’s right – toyo, as in Silver Swan!  And my mother only said, “go dry them out in the sun.”

Several pouting faces and crying spells later, I accompanied a choir who sang Sa Mahal Ko’ng Bayan to an audience of around 3,000.  The huge applause felt good and changed the way I look at piano playing forever. If I survived quite a heavy piece as SMKB, then I could play what I want to entertain myself.  What really endeared me to the instrument is when I played a lullaby with one hand, the other hand cradling CJ, and he slept through it. I no longer play nowadays but maybe one day I will be reunited with this hobby again.

Welcoming 1.1.11 @ The Hilton

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