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Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music, Main Hall, Thailand Cultural Center

One day I will play the piano again. If there is any talent left….

That is the caption I wrote for a photo I posted on Facebook. In celebration of the 2011 Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music, top-rate performers from around the world are rocking town. I went to one of the shows – the Mariinsky Ballet from Russia. During a 20-minute break I wandered around the lobby where a pianist was tickling this grand.

Watch. Listen. Pretend I do not miss the keys.

Two weeks ago I was asked to turn pages for a piano accompanist in a church anniversary concert.  It wouldn’t have made much difference whether it was Gaudeamus or Old MacDonald. The closer I get to the instrument, the more I realize how far I have been away from it. One day I will reacquaint myself with this old toy. Maybe try a few new tunes. Play when no one is watching. Just me and my old fingers.