At work we were feeling repercussions of those student riots two weeks ago. Six colleagues are leaving amidst harrowing changes.  Surviving the week was important and even more important to

i. know where I stand. Monday was another meeting with the dean and I found out I was going to teach full-time in the university but bidding my Institute job goodbye. The pay slash blew my head off. CJ’s therapy, besides not being covered by insurance, is not ending anytime soon and I will be a moron if I fantasize that his Dad, who flaunted his stock market earnings in my impecunious face, is chipping in. What a game I’ve gotten myself into! On the positive side, there’s some business I could get cracking with, but how? So that got me

ii. searching.  What was accessible was helpful. Hanging on to positive intuition takes a crapload of worry off the gut and puts things in perspective like

iii. an umbrella. I have been without a decent one throughout months of almost daily pouring and flooding. How it took me this long to snag one I can’t trace anymore, but it makes sense now. My present circumstances could have been upset more than they already are if say, I caught a cold and got sick because a necessity was neglected. The pretty bargain inspired me to keep on walking around the mall. I was

iv. exercising off unwanted fats at the same time. The thought led me to

v. treat myself with Chanel. Girls will be girls. I analyze my choices, the social events I like attending, overseas holidays on the bucket list and I conclude it’s time to get serious with finances.

“For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice” – John Burroughs

Life is a celebration. What else would it be if it’s not? I suppose I’m willing to pay the price.

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