Yes, I did and how happy I was. *big smile*  Chokchai Farm is in Saraburi, a town an hour’s drive from Bangkok.

There were five of us, alumni of the same college in the Philippines.  We all enjoyed our visit to the farm but I am not sure whether my companions were as happy as I was. There’s this feeling I can’t describe when I am in the countryside. I go into dream mode. It is like diving into the pages of a fairy tale book. I forget city life and imagine I never have to go back to raw skyscrapers, stilettos and despicable traffic.

If only I don’t have to my life would be perfect.

The rays of the afternoon sun were creeping through branches and leaves of this handsome tree.

I will appreciate it if anyone can tell me the name of this red beauty

These lamps remind me of my grandparents’ house at night long time ago, and the deer – an uncle whose sport is hunting.

Cowboy charm.  What a lucky girl…

The restaurant

If we go back, and I hope we can, I will sample the Chochai steak everyone is raving about.

This is only a glimpse of a multitude of memories and dreams that the trip rewove.  I would love to reminisce again and again. One thing defines me – I am a farm girl at heart.

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