B for Business banter: brilliant bullion

A trio of brains march into the boardroom
where the boss begins a blab
on budgets, profits, and pricey ads

Business is beautiful!
in other words it’s a call
which has become a win-lose negotiation
for impoverished academics
to man business communication.

Turning to the only female among the three

“You’re a brilliant lecturer, flatters he,
except when you’re emotional.”
“Oh shut up boss,” retorts she,
  “I already know I’m brilliant 
except when emotional
is so equivocal
and I get too brilliant perhaps
to not grasp
that your observation
is my personal economic depression.”
That is her mind racing
  A no is an answer
the boss is not taking
Clack her Vivienne Westwoods falter.
 A few blocks down SWT Business Institute
an investment fair constitutes
brokers who share expert analysis
on bonds and securities,
and the wonder of compound interest.
a bullion glows on a brochure for gold investment
lady lecturer points at it and casually comments
“shoots up when there’s a war, right?”
“Exactly,” was the quick reply.
She doesn’t discount the possibility
After all war is business certainly
She sits on decent stocks
Ka-boom she rocks
Her university pay still sucks.
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