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E as in Eskina

Gusto ko moguwa kay naa koy buhaton sa banko pero pagdungaw ko pa sa porch kahilakon man ang langit. Mokober pa gyud ko rog taga Business Administration department nga absent busa puyo. Magtangla nalang tingale kos eskina hangtud mahuman ning diskarte sa lecture hall. Traynta minutos nalang sulod nako. Kada adlaw ko ni malabyan nga eskina.

Ang ubang entre sama ani tua sa Bisdak Bloggers.

Corner (Eskina)
I wanted to leave the campus for a bank errand but when I gazed out the porch I was greeted by gloomy skies. A colleague from the Business Administration department is absent today and it’s just my luck to be chosen to cover for him, so I have to stay put for two periods 😦  In thirty minutes I’m getting into the lecture hall. When this is done and I breeze out, I’m seeing this corner again. In fact I pass by the same spot everyday.