Update: I made a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. There’s an English version of this post below for friends & visitors who do not read Bisaya; and well, for fun in linguistic exercise as well.

A as in Aritos
Motoo mo nga aritos ni? Murag dako ra no? Labi nag gamay imo dalunggan. Sa tray sa mga aritos man ni nako nakit-an. Gipalit nako bisag di ko mosuot. Tan-aw tan-awon lang. 
Laing rason nganong nipalit ko ani kay mura man gud syag karaan. Kanang mga butang bitaw nga makita nimo kasagaran sa mga taw-an nga balay. Horor…. Ambot di pa man unta ko tantong tiguwang nganong tiniguwang naman ni akong hilig. Basi pud kay nabuang man gud ko ron ug kwirk klasik (Quirk Classics) nga mga libro. Kaning way mabuhat usahay.
Dia ra ang pares. Luspad na si inday kay byote shat mood akong gigamit ani pap-haon man sa kamera ang pwede niya mapapha nga lagum.   

Tua pay daghang entre sama ani sa Bisdak Bloggers. Sigi agpas na. Aw bilini sa diay kog komentaryo 🙂 Maglaroy-laroy ko sa inyong mga blag taud-taud.


Will you believe these are earrings? Aren’t they rather too big especially if your earlobes were small? I found them displayed among other earrings on a tray, and bought them even though I have no plans at all of wearing them. They are my eye candy.

Another reason why I bought them is because the style looks ancient. You know those stuff you see in haunted houses giving off a horror feel. Nowadays I am crazy about Quirk Classic books. So that could be another attribution to this insanity. I’m not that old yet but I gravitate towards old or old-looking things. I just love them!

The second shot is the pair in pale effect. I used the beauty shot mood of my camera.

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