Music Monday: I Miss You Like Crazy, I Have Nothing
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Songs of your youth – why does it sound so distant? (lol). I picked a song each from 1988 and 1993, years very significant to me when life was budding.

There’s something I am trying to analyze nowadays. It turns out harder than the research project I am working on. How can you miss someone so much when all that connects you two in the past is a silly high school drama? Maybe that’s why this Natalie Cole hit says like crazy because longing for someone you haven’t even had communication with in 22 years does sound crazy. Modern technology enables us hours of talking and virtual dinners together. But merging that with the lives we lived without each other does not make sense to me. Crazy is the only explanation I can think of right now. Not that I’m about to operationalize psychoticism and neuroticism in my research. This thing going on is something else.

It amazes me how Whitney Houston emphasizes I have nothing, nothing… if I don’t have you when she sings her Bodyguard soundtrack. I must have been this adamant that whatever I have is enough; that I don’t need a man to say it’s a beautiful life, duh. But maybe, well, I like the song; I will keep an open mind about female independence.

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Monday Mayhem: Green

1. What is your favorite Green food? leafy veggies

2. What is your most hated green food? I can’t think of any right now

3. What is green that grosses you out? excreted bile

4. What is green that you love? trees

5. What is green that you never want to see again? snake

6. Have you ever seen a green person? no

7. Have you ever been green? no

8. Do you try to be green? no

9. What is the best green thing in the world? vegetation

10. What green thing should we avoid?

O! beware my lord, of Jealousy; It is the green-ey’d monster which doth mock. The meat it feeds on. – Iago – Act 3 Othello by William Shakespeare.

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