Musical Monday: Destiny
Monday Mayhem follows

Vanessa Mae. We share the same second name. Her biological father is Thai. So is my son’s. I love violin music. The coincidence that fascinates me is Vanessa Mae’s birthday which is the same as Paganini’s. Her music style, the self-described violin techno-acoustic fusion, is a sassy alternative to my orientation: that somber air around my soprano mother’s careworn solo part of Sanctus. It’s the new year and it’s great to have an alternative. The tempo moves me too. I hope you enjoy Destiny today as much as I do.

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Monday Mayhem: All about random questions

1. Are you through with all of the stress associated with the Holidays and the New Year? I’m OK with being back to routine now.

2. What is the stupidest thing about New Year’s resolutions? Making them over the incoherence of new year’s booze. The resolve sparkles and exits with the belch.

3. We hear that Michael Vick has been given the use of a car in return for promoting a car dealership. Would you ever buy a car from that dealership? (in case you don’t know about Vick, check out Wikepedia- you may need to scroll down a bit) Hmm I drink coke, I wear Nike, I used to drive Toyotas and ride on Mercedes Benzes, above all I LOVE DOGS. You can bet this canine killer’s Nissan Armada I am going to buy that second-hand BMW when I survive PhD torture.

4. Do you think that eating too many carrots turns the skin orange? The thought did not cross my mind

5. Have you ever witnessed someone stealing from a store? no

6. What is the worst thing you can say to a bus driver? If there is any, I don’t want to say it

7. What grosses you out about feet? dirt

8. The highlight of your perfect day would be what? Getting a positive feedback from some U’s faculty of humanities

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