Host Susanne at Living to Tell the Story describes Friday’s Fave Five as “time to take a look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share.”

So much is going on for me right now! I am holding my heart. It is leaping to my throat. Guess these faves will help calm things down a bit.

i. Afternoon tea. It was a lovely girl time out with a great friend.  We had atlantic cod and salmon at Ootoya, ticktocked to Whittard of Chelsea for moroccan mint and praline, and watched Narnia.

ii. Christmas card from the post office.  I want to share a part of what’s written inside: “I hope I will be with you rather than you open this card on your own…” I say it is okay.

iii. Technoblessing. Mama is a texting expert, but never chats online.  Yesterday that changed. “Mommy, Mommy, I am eating peanuts,”  CJ proudly spoke on cam. He swayed his glossy hair and left the bedroom to play with cousins. Then I got the surprise of the year – Mama took over the keyboard! Finally, it looks like I am getting a break from costly overseas calls.

iv. A fabulous company party. Many of us were almost unrecognizable what with all those costumes. Poon became a geisha, Tanya turned into a black debutante, Champ was Superman, Lak a Korean first lady…. The music, the food, the camaraderie were all major fun. It was only an hour ago. I am still savoring the excitement.

v. Christmas eve at Suvarnabhumi. It is 6.52 PM, December 24th Bangkok time. A friend is flying home at midnight to attend her sister’s renewal of vows ceremony on Sunday. I am headed to the airport to send her off. We are celebrating noche buena amidst the roar of aircrafts.