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I’m having oolong orange tea in a white ceramic cup.

I’m feeling excited, hurried, my heart gripped. Early this morning I made an abrupt decision to see UNESCO Heritage site Angkor Wat on Sunday. That means going to the immigration department to get a re-entry permit which I did today. I’m going out again for unfinished shopping after posting this. Now did I just imply being heartbroken? Truth be told I seldom admit a heartbreak. If things don’t get sorted I could end up mourning in the next few weeks. I hope this quick trip will help numb the impact of an impending blow.

On my mind are travel details. FCC Angkor Hotel, which I fancy because Angelina Jolie stayed there while filming Tomb Raider, is fully booked until January 15th. I won’t be surprised if I end up in some guesthouse without a cyber presence. But I really do not mind that. I just want to get out of Bangkok for a few days and try to forget that I am facing a heartbreak. Wish me luck.

There are more or less fifty hours til Cambodia.  In the midst of work and a company party tomorrow, I might be able to have enough research to get me through this getaway.  Here’s something short but loaded:

“A lady should be modest”
Hilary to Lara Croft, Tomb Raider