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It was raining blessings this week. I will be trimming these faves down to five as I write –

i. Church. It was good change to arrive on time, sit on a front pew which I rarely do and more importantly to be immersed in worship.  A friend sang Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace with former college mates and I loved listening to the:

  • prayer in Thai (no translation)
  • children’s story told by Grandma Carmen  (dear lady on a wheelchair)

ii. Lunch.  We then proceeded to an elegant restaurant for physical nourishment. On our table were:

  • deep fried sea bass in sweet and sour sauce and fragrant jasmine rice
  • coconut milk chicken soup, avocado salad, banoffee cheese cake and iced lemon tea

    Ging Kilpakreuk centerpiece


iii. New places to try. They’re fabulous! (read: fine dining) We strolled a bit after lunch and discovered:

  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Whittard of Chelsea

iv. Tea Talk, a new meme I’m enjoying.  Participants spend brief,  light moments expressing random thoughts, revealing emotions without pressure to explain why, and sharing a quotation. I love this meme because:

  • My heart grows stout visiting ladies as charming as Friday’s Fave Five ladies
  • I get to admire beautiful tea sets every Thursday

v. Today at work. My new timetable sets my Fridays free from professional duties. Besides that are a few things that make it a nice day:

  • fruits instead of fattening foods at a birthday celebration in the office today
  • leisure walk by a group of freshmen facebooking under the mango trees

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five