It’s Friday and I’m gay. Five hours on the webcam with a former college friend, straight to Friday’s Fave Five, it’s a beautiful life oh oh ooo! (if I may borrow Ace of Base’s proclamation)

Researching Hazel. Although I’m aware of many Hazel disambiguations, there are only three things I’m sure about the name: Hazel nut, Hazel tree and Witch Hazel. Launching a new blog that will house my daydreams sent my curiosity scouring the net for more. I enjoyed what I found and learned.

New plans. An online chat with an aunt drifted off to Cj ‘s speech issues. She suggested her friend’s expertise and an uncle in PI rang another specialist he knows for me. I’m thankful for the concern of family.
The morning sunshine on wayside flowers. I made sure I took a shot of something pretty before all this talk of floods in the northeast sweeping down Bangkok materializes. I hope our roads remain dry though.


Starbucks hot chocolate and shitake cheese bruschetta worked well on a cold, rainy afternoon. The rains are connected to the talk of possible flooding. I set the worry aside and read financial news. A Bloomberg columnist observes,we’re past the time when a handful of rich, largely western economies could call the shots for the rest.”  “I know,” I mentally nodded. The hot choc tasted good.

Wes Bentley reciting The Conqueror Worm. He sounded gorgeous. I wish it was done similarly during American Literature class. It’s way better than poem animation. Once again I had my fix of beautiful language, “… A play of hopes and fears, while the orchestra breathes fitfully the music of the spheres..”  Not a bad way to be reminded of man’s mortality.

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